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The International Village Shop is a growing trans-local network of cultural producers who set up trading places for goods with strong local connections.

4 Hour Shop Santiago - Santiago de Chile, Chile FERIA DEL TRUEQUE - Chile


  • 04/12/2010 16:00 20:00


Galería Metropolitana, Félix Mendelssohn 2941, Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Santiago de Chile, Chile,

A 4-hour-international-village-shop was opened in front of Galería Metropolitana in the neighbourhood of Pedro Aguirre Cerda in Santiago de Chile. Opening hours were from 4 pm until 8 pm, on the very special Chilenean holiday of Teleton.

The shop was run by Antje Schiffers, Thomas Sprenger, Katerina Dimitrova and Jarbas Lopes, and was hosted by Luis Alarcón and Ana María Saavedra of Galería Metropolitana.

Félix Mendelssohn 2941, Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Santiago de Chile, Chile

Félix Mendelssohn 2941
Pedro Aguirre Cerda
Santiago de Chile

-33.48130632356925, -70.665900
Potato Sleeper Butterspoon Seeds from Abbey Gardens Oil towers Parametenmeterware Fanas Arrow DIY Nativity Scene

forms of exchange
Formen des Austauschs
uitwisselings vorm
formas de intercambio

Cash - Barter, Free


  • Luis Alarcón - IVS Partner
  • Ana María Saavedra - IVS Partner
  • Katerina Dimitrova - Shopkeeper
  • Jarbas Lopes - Shopkeeper
  • Antje Schiffers - Shopkeeper
  • Thomas Sprenger - Shopkeeper

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