International Village Shop Internationaler Dorfladen Internationale Dorpswinkel Tienda de Pueblo Internacional

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The International Village Shop is a growing trans-local network of cultural producers who set up trading places for goods with strong local connections.

37,8 degrees a ball is a ball is a ball Abbey Gardens Calender 2011 Apple Elderberry Schnaps Art and Agriculture Wedding Set Bags with sayings Brigade Commerce Schnapps Butterspoon Doily Bag Eco Nomadic School Postcards Fanas Arrow Farmers' Chinaware Gamoneu Cheese Grizedale Arts publications Höfer Lace Horsemilk powder Horsemilk shampoo Horsemilk Soap Huangbian Bag Images of Farming book Ittinger Ei Janus the two-faced wolf Jarlamp Kombis Lawson Park Conserve Lawson Park Kimchi and Conserve 2010 Lawson Park Surprise Seeds Love Cup Made in Zvizzchi Postcards Natural Dye Manual No Corruption Pantry Cloths Parametenmeterware Peter’s Pots Planter Fox Potato Sleeper Roadshow promotional cups Seed Bombs The Caravan Pot There is no Life but Wealth Tinned Clay Titschy Kitschy House Trugs Twisted Bugle Village Kiosk Product Catalogue Village Produce Films Wild Treasure Wrapping paper 01 Zvizzhi Ceramics

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